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Layout, Design, and Slaving Steve Kolb (SOS)


Artwork Credits
Jakob Opening Hand & Logo
Dave Norton Frame Broke Box Logo
Bull Schanen Bellicosity Cover
Dan Vena Tshirt Design & Netsplit Detected album cover


Greets & Thanks go to the following bands
Acumen Nation, Alien Harvest, A-Politiq;, ATD Convention, BioFeedBack, Christ Analogue, Cock ESP, Crawl, Cult of Jester, Disinformation Machine, Forever Sleep, FuckFace, Haloblack, Hate Dept., Insight 23, Idiot Baby, Ipecac Loop, Jagd Wild, Millipede Burger, Pulse, 16 Volt, Urillasekt, Watch it Burn, and Whitehouse


This web page is dedicated to the memory of the Cove Of Chaos BBS
(December 30th, 1992 - May 10th 1996)

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