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Steve moved - he now lives in a 2nd level of a house above David Clapp... The band's official mailing address has thus changed to: 714 E Townsend St, Milwaukee WI, 53212

David and Steve gave a radio interview for 91.7 WMSE on Tuesday, August 22nd from 7:30-9am. Our cover songs for the tribute albums were discussed as well as the band's origins and influences. Broke Box will be performing live in the WMSE studio sometime in the next couple of months for their fall pledge drive. Stay tuned for more information.

Expect some new material to surface this fall....


Thanks to everyone who participated in the RADIANT DECAY CD giveaway contest! We will be posting the winners soon on this web page. The release date for music stores is January 25th, and you can also buy it at online vendors such as CD-NOW

We can finally announce all the upcoming Broke Box cover songs that will be appearing on upcoming tribute albums from Dwell/Vitamin Records:

Kraftwerk - CRACKING THE CODE tribute CD compilation that will feature our cover of "Computer Love"

White Zombie - tribute CD compilation that will feature our 7 minute cover of "Warp Asylum" featuring guitar solos by Kirk.

Marilyn Manson - tribute CD compilation that will feature 2 Broke Box cover songs, "Cake and Sodomy" and "The Reflecting God". Additionally, Patrick is releasing "Anti-Christ Superstar" with his other band, Razor Blade Smile, which features performances by Richard and Robert "Spooky Kid" Pierce.

MP3 sound files of all these songs will be posted online once I get clearance to do so by the label. Stay tuned! All these albums should be released in the first half of 2000.



The promo sheets for Radiant Decay: A Tribute to NIN have been released. You can download the front and back of the promotional sheet or a synopsis is below:

Radiant Decay: A Tribute to Nine Inch Nails

New Electronic Deviations from Vitamin Records


RADIANT DECAY: A TRIBUTE TO NINE INCH NAILS explores the dark and complex musical maze of NIN through electronic tracks that range from dark ambient soundscapes to dirty big-beat industrial. Grimy guitars and saturated synths create a sonic wall of earbending sounds, giving new perspective to classic Trent Reznor songs. Created by today's most experiemental artists and producers, this album is powerful, angry and most importantly...industrial strength.


Closer by Transient
Piggy by Alex Xenophon of Bassland
Wish by Broke Box
Sanctified by Transient
Mr. Self Destruct by T.H.C.
Sin by Tin Electric
Last by Transparent
Suck by Etherphoria
Down In It by Sacha
Something I Can Never Have by George Sarah and Lara Peterson
Hurt by Tin Electric

Release Date: January 25th 2000

For info contact: Vitamin Records, P.O. Box 39439, Los Angeles, CA 90039
Phone: 323-663-8073 Fax: 323-669-1470


We've released a partial 192k MP3 audio clip of "Wish" - our NIN cover for a Vitamin Records tribute CD that will be released in late January 2000. You can find it in the Sound Files section. There will be a second audio clip from Wish offered in a couple of weeks so stay tuned.

I am also completing the uploading of the entire 1997 Netsplit Detected album to and will be offering a DAM CD available soon for 8 bucks. There are about 12 full tracks up there right now so give them a listen! Here is the direct web URL:

Pictures from the October show at the Concert Cafe and others have been posted to the website in the Images section.

We've been continuing to work on cover songs for Dwell/Vitamin Records. We have 3 finished now (including the NIN song), and I will publicize more details about the other cover tribute CDs as the information becomes available. We've started work on a couple of covers from another popular industrial rock band...


The Nine Inch Nails tribute CD "Halo Corrode: A Manipulative Tribute to NIN" on Dwell/Vitamin Records has been pushed back further due to some legal difficulties. The new release date is now scheduled for Feburary 2000. Our cover of "Wish" will be track #3 out of 11 total tracks on the CD. is now open!! We are now using HostSave as a web hosting site for this domain. A lot more MP3s will be offered online soon due to the additional storage space. Yay! Remember to update your links if you have us listed on your web site. Thanks!

PS. If you want a FREE forwarding email address, send a request to with the user name you'd like as well as what email address to send your mail to. Sorry, no free POP mailboxes!


Hidey ho! There's lots of stuff going on this month!

Thanks to everyone who showed up at our gig at the Concert Cafe on Thursday the 8th. Your support really kicked our asses, and we really appreciate it!

Overall our performance went pretty well considering it has been a LONG time since we've played live. Broke Box ended up headlining this show because Midian, the last band, didn't bother to show up. Dave and Pat were late on arriving, but they made it there just in time to setup and play. The set had 3 new ones: our cover of Wish, Taskmaster, and Consumed along with Gist, Stalemate 98 Service Upgrade, God Damn Divine, and Cyber is Crap. The crowd really liked Wish so we'll incorporate that song into our shows in the future.

Despite a few minor technical problems, it was definitely one of the best sounding shows that we've done to date. Cyber is Crap also turned out really well with crowd participation from member Matt Bacon, former member Derek Dolan & others as well as Steve's wild smashing of a MS natural keyboard. The only real disappointment of the set was the lack of sparks coming from the power saw during a noise intermission in the middle of the set which resulted in Steve adding to the cacophony by slamming the (now broken) circular saw repeatedly on the sheet metal. This was also Pat's first show with us, and there was an enormous impact from Pat's additional guitar and keyboard work.

This gig was also recorded via tape deck using the monitor mix from the main console. (Thanks to Dan Gerrits for that tape!). If you are interested in getting a copy of it, let us know.

Broke Box is happy to announce that we have another new member of the band! Long time fan Jesse Kontny has joined us, and he will be doing keyboards, sampling, and additional chaos.

Broke Box is now an affiliate of Musician's Friend, so I thought I would mention a great deal they are running right now:

Musician's Friend is selling Ensoniq Fizmo transwave keyboards for the extremely low price of $500 with FREE shipping and handling! I just ordered one of these myself after trying one out at a local music store. The Fizmo is a MIDI keyboard that is sort of like a digital analog in the fact that it has a lot of real time knobs and controls. The sounds that came out of this synthesizer were unique and definitely "strange" enough to suit my tastes. It would make a great keyboard for industrial, ambient, or experimental music.

Here is the URL link:

Finally, our second cover song will be finished by the middle of this week. I can't reveal who we covered publicly yet, but the song has turned outreally well and has truly awesome production compared to typical Broke Box standards. A third cover is being worked on as well, and it will be a "dance" track with no guitars.


We have a show on October 7th in Green Bay. See Live Shows for details.


  • Dwell Record's Nine Inch Nails tribute will now be called Halo Corrode: A Manipulative Tribute to NIN. The release date is scheduled for November 16th which is later than I originally reported. The word from Dwell Records is that NIN found out about the tribute album and has given them a bit of legal trouble, but the CD should be ready to press in a couple of weeks. Broke Box's cover of "Wish" will be track 11 on the album.
  • Broke Box will be contributing to 2 additional Dwell/Vitamin Records tribute CDs in the near future. I cannot reveal what bands we are covering, but right now we are working on songs from a "metal/industrial" band and a "pioneering techno/noise synthesizer" band.
  • When not working on these cover songs, we're continuing work on writing and recording our new EP . Realisticly we would like to have 5-8 original songs (some new, some not) done by the end of the year. From the old material, a re-done Cyber is Crap, Shred, and God Damn Divine will be included on the next release.
  • No progress has been made on getting new live shows...


  • Major website overall (graphic changes, links updated)
  • Broke Box will be working on another cover song for a Dwell records tribute CD. WHO is it? Check back later. =)


I'd like to announce that there is a new permanent Broke Box member that has
joined the group in late June. His name is Patrick Matthies from the
Milwaukee area. He plays guitar, bass, synthesizer, and also programs and
sequences songs of his own. We've been pretty busy the last 2 months getting
Pat up to speed on our old material and also adding some new songs into our
new live set. We've almost ready to start gigging again, so look for shows
to start happening in late September and October. We are going to target the
Milwaukee and Green Bay areas first.

On an ironic note, Broke Box has recently finished a cover of "Wish" by Nine
Inch Nails that will appear on an upcoming tribute CD on Dwell records. We
were only given a week to record this song, but the production came out very
well (in fact it is the best sounding song we've done yet). The tentative
title of the CD is called "Noise Therapy" and will coincide with the release
of the new double NIN album in late September. The distribution will rock
and you should be able to find this CD at your local department store, Best
Buy, or online at CDNOW. Other bands that are also appearing on "Noise
Therapy" will be Gearwhore, Headnoise, and other Astralwerks bands. Check it

Broke Box has also been recording at Steve's house for an upcoming release
of some sort. The music for Cyber is Crap, God Damn Divine, and Shred have
been ripped, raped, and re-recorded so far with a lot better production than
what was possible on the Netsplit Detected CD. The new mixes are a lot more
guitar heavy because of Patrick's 2nd guitar, but the electronics are a firm part
of our sound. We'll also record some new material too. I'd speculate that
we'll have an EP's worth of material finished off sometime in the fall.
I hope you've all had great summers and expect to hear from me soon!

Coming soon....!



A full MP3 version of Stalemate 98 (Service Upgrade) is now available at

More new show annoncements to come...



After an extended hiatus, I'm happy to announce that Broke Box has returned!

It has been several months since I have written all of you. Broke Box has inactive for the 2nd half of 1998. Dave completed his graduate degree and is now working full-time, and I'm juggling full-time school and an internship. Matt has been keeping himself busy with Cock ESP and his new band the Nightstalkers.

Since it appears that New Music Central has gone down, I'm offering a new deal on Broke Box merchandise:

Our full length CD, Netsplit Detected (+ 1 bonus track) is now available directly through Broke Box for $7 US or $10 anywhere outside the US.

Our tshirts are still available in L and XL for $11 US or $14 anywhere outside the US.

A new demo CD featuring a full album of industrial/electronic programming (no vocals or guitars, very percussion-based) is available for $4 US or $6 outside the US.

There is a printable order available at the following web URL:

More information, images and MP3 sounds files are available at the web page, Check it out!

If Broke Box still owes you a CD or a Tshirt, please email me and we'll solve that problem immediately.

Broke Box is also accepting tryouts for new members. Any of the following instruments would be acceptable: Guitar, Bass, Drums/Percussion, Synthesizer, or some other MIDI related instrument. Our practice times right now are on Tuesday evening or on the weekends at Steve's house in Milwaukee. If you are interested in jamming with us, please contact Steve at

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