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From brokebox@online.dct.comTue Apr 2 15:28:09 1996
Date: Mon, 1 Apr 1996 11:51:48 -0600 (CST)
From: Steve Kolb
To: Broke Box Hate List
Subject: HATE DEPT show

The show with Hate Dept. is here and gone, and it all went very well.

I headed to Madison a day early, but the rest of the band showed up on
Saturday at various times. I was getting damn nervous before Matt and
Derek showed up. I suppose, pre-show jitters and all. The Hate Dept.
crew showed up at the building shortly after 3, and they went off to
crash and came back after 7 because those poor guys had to drive
25 hours straight to get there.

We started our set around 10:45pm. It went pretty well, we didn't have
major problems. Actually, it was the best we've ever been mixed sound
wise. We weren't allowed to grind metal with the circular saw, so the
Madison crowd didn't get showered with our usual sparks. No big deal.

If anyone cares, the setlist went like this :

Attack, You Are Alone, Stalemate, Through The White Walls, Gist,
Shred, God Figure, 2033, Digital Saturation, and Cyber is Crap.

All in all we were on the stage playing for about 45 minutes.

I didn't bust any guitar strings (well, actually I did, but it was at
the end of the last song so who gives a fuck), but Derek lost one of
his drum mallets during 2033. It was pretty neat, we had a smoke
machine and film running behind us. I'd say the worst thing about
playing was the size of the stage. It was very small, and we were
pretty cramped up there. I didn't move around as much as I usually do
because of it. Dave's vocal processing ran pretty well with little
feedback problems, but then again we didn't use our typical flange /
distortion vocal bank. As usual, we busted loose on Cyber is Crap
and destroyed as much as we could. Derek took out an old keyboard and
started cutting it with a jigsaw he had brought along. That was
hilarious, keyboard parts flew everywhere.

The crowd didn't get very close to us. hehehehe. I think they were
rather scared. On the good side of things, we received lots of great
comments from the crowd liking us.

Hate Dept. had a great set, and they are awesome guys. I talked with
all of them all night, and they were all cool. They had quite the
reception in Madison, the crowd was around 200 people. Madison pretty
much sold them out of t-shirts; they made a KILLING on merchandise.

Gnat and I were the last two people to leave the club around 3:30am,
and we ended up at IHOP with the rest of the dmf staff and Hate Dept.
I didn't actually get to sleep around 5am that night.

All in all, I can honestly say it was our best show and hopefully it
gave us some good exposure. I had a blast. It was also cool to meet a
lot of irc people that headed there too.

Well, I'm outta here. As far as what Broke Box is up to, that was the
last show that we have booked. We're crawling back into my basement
now and continuing recording our newest material, as well as working
on a number of new songs we haven't had time to finish due to the
amount of shows we've been playing lately.

Catcha later all. If you live in the MidWest and missed this show,
you missed a great one.

Steve Kolb

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