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Broke Box Gear

We do not endorse any of these products; this is for informational purposes only.

Composing Instruments
Computers [several PCs and 1 Amiga], Carvin LB75 5 string Bass, Gibson SG Standard, Ibanez 1976 Les Paul, Ibanez SR-440 bass, Kawai K5000S, Korg Mono/Poly, Korg X-911, Moog Prodigy, Nord Micro Modular, Roland D-5, Roland JP-8000, Roland SP-808 sampler, Yamaha EX-5, Yamaha RY-20, sheet metal, power saw, and various other metal percussion tools


Alesis Microverb 4, ART X-11 Midi Foot Controller, BOSS Metal Zone, BOSS SE-50, BOSS XT-2 [Xtortion], DBX 266 Compressor/Gate, Line6 POD (2x), ProCo Vintage Rat, Snarling Dogs Super Bawl Whine-O Wah pedal, Sovtek Big Muff, Zoom 506, and Zoom 9002


AKG C3000 condenser mic, Auralex 3" Studiofoam, BOSS TU-12P [Tuner], Furman PL8+ power conditioner, Mackie 1202vlz mixer, Shure V57 & V58 mics, SKB 10 space rack, Sony DCT-700 DAT Machine, Yamaha digital tuner, and Yamaha Tape Deck


Encore Electronics Knobby MIDI Controller, 1966 Fender Tremolux vintage guitar amp, Fender 110Elec PA speakers, Peavey Bandit 112 100 watt, Quantum 4x12 cabinet, Spectra 2x12 160 watt, Yorkville MP8 powered mixer, and Yorkville 400 watt keyboard/vocal amp


Fast Tracker 2, Fruity Loops, Modplug Tracker, Simsynth...

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