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(From left to right): Patrick Matthies, David Clapp, Steve Kolb

Broke Box is an experimental "industrial" rock band that were originally from Green Bay, WI and are now located in Milwaukee. Broke Box blends elements of punk/metal guitars and feedback, MOD sequenced percussion, samples and noise, live metal percussion, and raging analog synthesizers along with intensely processed vocals which range from ominous harmonies to screeching torture. Broke Box erupted from the ashes in mid 1994 when a previous extreme punk/metal band involving David Clapp (vocalist) and Steve Kolb (guitarist) folded.

David and Steve turned to their PCs for programming new material. By utilizing module tracking, David and Steve molded their sound into a pounding, screaming machine of mayhem and destruction. Noise-influenced intros and drum tracks ranging from mid-paced to blinding, aggressive speed assault the listener's eardrums. In combination with a live warm sounding guitar, Broke Box began playing live in the fall of 1994. Matt Bacon (bass guitar, member of bands Cock ESP, Millipede Burger, and Zartan) joined in mid 1995 and has contributed his noisy bass playing style to the band.

In the Summer of 1999, Patrick Matthies joined Broke Box as a 2nd guitarist and keyboardist. His electronic sequencing skills and songwriting have complemented Dave and Steves' programming and breathed new life into the band. Broke Box will soon be playing live again after a long hiatus, louder than ever before.

Live Information
Broke Box is known for their often chaotic live performances. Combined with a sonic arsenal of live guitar and bass guitar, processed vocals, and pre-programmed DAT of percussion/electronics, their sets may include use of the following: Santurary show rendering
  • power tools
  • metal percussion
  • destruction of computer components and other electronics
  • improvisational analog synthesizers
  • and silly antics to create an unstoppable wall of structured noise!
  • Music Releases
    Broke Box has released a full-length demo cassette entitled Bellicosity in March of 1995. In March of 1997, Broke Box completed full length and self-produced CD entitled Netsplit Detected, which WAS being distributed by consignment through New Music Central. Broke Box has also done re-mixes for other bands, including BioFeedBack.
    Up and Coming
    Broke Box is working on recording an EP of original material that will tentatively be finished near the beginning of 2000. Broke Box will also be appearing on a few upcoming CD compilations: a cover of "Wish" for "Halo Corrode: A Manipulative Tribute to Nine Inch Nails" on Dwell/Vitamin Records which is scheduled for a Feburary 2000 release date as well as tracks on 2 other tribute CDs for Vitamin Records.

    See the detailed text history of Broke Box or email us for further information.

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